Handmade zipper workshop

(Required time: approx. 60 minutes)

▲Handmade Zipper workshop

▲Zipper key chain


The reservation is required ahead of your participation in the workshop.

Starting time
Morning session
Morning session 10:00~
Afternoon session
Afternoon session 13:30~
The date of workshop
Opening hours Calender is click here→
Reservation by phone is required in advance.
*Reservations are accepted 1 months prior to the workshop.

TEL TEL:0765-54-8181
* 9:00~16:30 (regular days of operation only)

The fixed number of participants
Up to 6 people
*Only for older than preschool children
(A preschool child can come with an adult participating in the workshop)
800 yen per person (including tax) *with one free drink
Meeting place
Please gather at Café & Lounge in Building No.2 ten minutes before the workshop starting time if you signed up for the handmade zipper workshop.
(Reception and payment at registar in Café & Lounge.)


* The time required for a guide and handmade is about a hour.
* In handmade experience there is detailed work. If its hard to see please bring your glasses.